Auto Farm A5 and Base Upgrade

If you are running an Auto Farm A5 and A5 base and want to upgrade to the latest in guidance technology, accuracy and capabilities, Ag Leader has options to support your transition.
The A5 is a robust and sturdy piece of equipment that has stood the test of time.
Having been out of production for near 8 years and out of active support; finding support, maintenance and repairs is getting thin on the ground.
Ag Leader can provide an upgrade path that utilises existing cables to ease the transition, and firmware updates to most A5 bases, to help reduce the cost.
With the NEW InCommand displays and steering systems, ISOBUS implements can be used through the displays, with AgFiniti data sharing available to collect and review your operational data.

A5 Upgrade

Auto Farm A5 to Ag Leader Upgrade

Contact AgriTek Australia to see how we can help you move from your A5 system.