AgriTek Australia is an independent Precision Farming services provider specialising in;

  • data capture,
  • data processing and management,
  • spatial technologies,
  • variable rate processes,
  • farming software and training,
  • precision agriculture review & implementation planning,
  • Ag Leader Technology.

Our services are complimentary to the practices of farmers, agronomists and advisers, machinery and guidance resellers, providing the technical interface and expertise to all parties.


At AgriTek Australia we are all about Enabling you to go further with your Precision Farming needs. Through building Relationships, understanding the Technology and Data, we can Enable you to continue moving forward with your Precision Farming system.


Working with you, your agronomist, adviser, machinery and guidance dealer, AgriTek Australia is about helping you get the best outcome from your Precision Agriculture solutions, be it Technology, Software or Data.


Providing the best advice for your Precision Farming requirements, covering Data, Software, Technology, and Precision Farming, leveraging from your and AgriTek Australia’s established Relationships.


Applying expertise and knowledge, AgriTek Australia aims to fill the Technology gap and Enable your Precision Farming processes.


As Technology becomes more embedded into the way we work, Software is required to enable that technology to be utilised. Through sales and training AgriTek Australia can build your confidence and abilities with your software systems.


The ability for collecting Data from farm activities is expanding every season. AgriTek Australia can process, manage and clean your data, to enable it to be an asset to your farming process.


Combining all of the above elements, AgriTek Australia is here to support you and your Precision Farming needs. Regardless of the colour you wear, we are happy to work with red, green, blue, yellow, lime and all the other colours in the market.